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Be Gentlemen!

You ask yourself a question about a girl when you want to tell her that something is meant for you? These things are hard to say, especially to the guys who are not very much of an excuse, and mostly they are no party leaders. The best way is when you are outdoors, in a disco or somewhere else, you treat it nicely, and when it is a good time, you kiss it and then you will be easier to talk and she will listen to you more. Nothing is complicated, but you have to believe a little!
In two, everything is more beautiful!
If you are alone, you are sure to be troubled when you meet people who hold hands, embrace the subway, and so forth. For those who experience it, these are wonderful moments and for those who just look it's overwhelming. But don't worry about anything, because anyone in the world is destined to be in advance. That's how someone else fits everyone. The question, however, remains where your other half is, if it still does not appear, you can go in the opposite way, by starting to walk somewhere, and looking for someone!