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Someone is satisfied with the average quality effortlessly, another is a demanding customer who is not willing to disengage from his requirements or to the inch, does not hesitate to go round the shops with the required goods and endlessly hesitate and ask. Whether you belong to any group, know that in our Selects each. We will also satisfy those who do not pay too much attention to purchases, as our experienced advisors are dedicated and advise them. And the demanding ones? Surely we will find what they are looking for. Our goods are first-class and seriously original, prices available. What do you wish for more?

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So what do we actually offer? Our assortment, our speciality and our passion are oriental carpets. But don't wait to trade with modern industrial products that just try to imitate unique oriental motifs. With us, look for the pieces that people had at home from ancient times. We leave our goods in the area of the former Persia, i.e. the place where this production is at home, where the first pieces were created, which served both for decoration and practical benefit. All the pieces you can buy from us are handmade by traditional methods, each piece is therefore original.